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    Feldenkrais - 10 Week Class

    The internationally acclaimed Feldenkrais Method improves coordination, mobility, and posture so you function and move more comfortably and have a greater sense of awareness and vitality. A deep understanding of physics, biomechanics, human development and the Japanese martial arts inspired the development of Feldenkrais.

    In this class, Kaz Shibao, will guide you through a series of precisely structured movements to teach you how to relax and abandon habitual patterns. The lessons consist of comfortable, easy motions that gradually increase in range and complexity to reeducate your nervous system. Through these subtle movements you learn new patterns that can relieve pain and muscular tension, improve flexibility and posture, and reduce stress. Feldenkrais benefits everyone, including those experiencing chronic pain and seniors who want to move more effortlessly. After these lessons you often feel taller and lighter, breathe more freely and experience deep relaxation. For more information:

    Winter: Mon 1/28 TO 4/8, 2-3:15pm
    Thurs 1/24 to 3/28, 7-8:15pm

    Spring: Mon 4/22 to 7/1, 2-3:15pm
    Thurs 4/18 to 6/20, 7-8:15pm

    Summer: Mon 7/15 to 9/23, 2-3:15pm
    Thurs 7/18 to 9/19, 7-8:15pm

    Fall: Thurs 10/10 to 12/19, 7-8:15pm
    Mon 10/14 to 12/16, 2-3:15pm


    Where & When

    DateDecember 18, 2014
    Time 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

    Class Registration

    Call 415-600-1584 or email

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