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    Classes and Education

    Use the search options below to find classes of interest to you. Sutter Health affiliates offer classes in locations throughout Northern California.

    Community Health Resource Center: This presentation addresses the multi-layered emotional and physical factors to consider when managing weight. Individuals gain practical tips for losing weight in a healthful way.. Next class : December 7
    This workshop include meals, a four-hour education session each month for three months and weekly movement classes. Participants have the option to add one massage per month and or individual wellness coaching. Next class : To Be Announced
    Build the skills to access joy and well-being from within. In this six-week course, you'll begin to rewire those neural circuits by using unique tools to pop yourself from stress to homeostasis. Next class : To Be Announced
    Hosted by the WHRC, this class will provide: meditation instruction for beginners; discussion on the benefits of meditation, including recent scientific research; and guided meditation on pain and compassion. Next class : September 23
    Community Health Resource Center: This lecture will discuss women's health, gender, medicine, and aging, in addition to the natural history of menopause to present time. Next class : October 25
    xxxx Next class : To Be Announced
    Tired of hurting yourself in yoga? Experience this rehab-oriented yoga that taps into the wisdom of 38 years of clinical physical therapy practice. Next class : To Be Announced
    Did you know that studies have shown that yoga can benefit cancer survivors by reducing fatigue and inflammation? Next class : September 6
    Cancer changes our lives. From diagnosis through treatment and resolution, the impact can be profound, especially on our physical bodies. Are you feeling fatigued and having difficulty moving and exercising? Next class : To Be Announced
    Drop in group for Patients between ages 18-44 years old. This is a place for mutual support, creating connections, sharing resources and listening. We will also have occasional guest speakers. Next class : September 1