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    Neurosurgical Care

    Advances in neurosurgery have brought better outcomes and a better outlook for a return to normal life for patients with brain and spinal injuries or disease. Interactive image-guided surgical equipment allows our neurosurgeons to perform intricate surgery with minimal invasion.

    In addition, the installation of the revolutionary O-arm imaging system provides neurosurgeons with real-time, 3-D, multi-plane images while the patient is still in surgery.

    The benefits of minimally-invasive, image-guided surgery for patients are phenomenal. The surgical incision area is small, and the impact on healthy tissue is reduced, resulting in less trauma, less pain and less risk for infection. Patients are healing faster, with greater comfort, better outcomes, and returning home to normal activities faster than ever before.

    Neurosurgical Services

    • Minimally invasive spinal surgery
    • Minimally invasive cranial surgery
    • Complex/reconstructive spine surgery
    • Spinal disc arthroplasty/disc replacement
    • Brain and spine tumor surgery
    • Neurovascular surgery for aneurysm repair
    • Pituitary tumor surgery
    • Kyphoplasty